• img_3904

    Rimbaud’s last lair
    Harar, Ethiopia, Feb 2017

    Little has changed in the old city of Harar where the poet spent his last years. In 1891 he left Harar "on a stretcher covered by a tent" and died in a French hospital, dreaming of Africa.

  • img_7532

    Arabian Sarajevo
    Taiz, Yemen, March 2017

    Since 2015 Taiz is besieged by Houthi rebels who pound the city with mortars and Katyushas. It’s a house to house war where snipers shoot anything that moves.

  • img_6261

    Forgotten war
    Yemen, March 2017

    The port city of Aden shows all the scars of the war-ravaged country: crumbling buildings, hunger, displaced people, power blackouts, flying bullets and khat-chewing militias.

  • img_5790

    Stone church of Lalibela
    Ethiopia, February 2017

    I spent a couple of days here on my way to Harar. Low season, no tourists, some pilgrims gathering at dawn for the prayers.

  • IMG_3675

    Cuba sin Fidel
    Habana, December 2016

    Although he renounced power in 2006 Fidel was still a towering presence in Cuba. And despite his many faults in the economy and politics even critics acknowledge the Revolution’s gains in education and health care.

  • IMG_2786

    Failing state
    Caracas, November 2016

    The oil slump has left a crumbling landscape of empty stores, rising prices, corruption, water rationing, black market’ sharks, rampant crime, angry demonstrations and hospitals desperately short of drugs.

  • IMG_2040

    bloody paradise
    Acapulco, october 2016

    With homicide rates above 100 per 100,000 people each year Acapulco is now ranked the most violent city in Mexico and among the most violent cities in the world.

  • IMG_3140

    Kids of the ring
    Caracas, November 2016

    In a run-down building of the Petare rancho a former professional boxer is training young boys and girls. His goal: to take the kids out of the dangerous streets of the slum.

  • IMG_2363

    The Wall
    Tijuana, october 2016

    The 1,954 miles wall built at the Mexican border has never prevented migrants and refugee seeking people to cross into the United States. And it never will.

  • IMG_1332

    Black hole
    Gambia, June 2016

    Yahya Jammeh, a ruthless dictator who seized power in 1994, rules Gambia with terror, torture and extrajudicial killings, while the former British colony sinks deep into poverty.

  • IMG_9870

    Tanzania, May 2016

    Rangers and village scouts are waging a nasty war against ivory poachers and the powerful mafias behind them: over the past five years 70,000 elephants were slaughtered in Tanzania alone.

  • IMG_0050

    Tanzania, May 2016

    Masaai herdsmen are growing in numbers: their ever increasing cattle population spoils the ecosystem, encroaches on protected areas and threatens the wildlife’s environment.

  • IMG_0746

    ZANZIBAR, MAY 2016

    When the boats come in you have to rush: the fish is cheaper if you buy it on board. The price climbs as the catch hits the shore, and it doubles at the market’s stalls.

  • IMG_0433

    ZANZIBAR, MAY 2016

    The epidemic started last September and is by far the most persistent to date on the island. It spread from contaminated waters in the poor districts of Zanzibar Town, where living conditions are dire.

  • IMG_0547

    ZANZIBAR, MAY 2016

    The central market is the city’s economic dynamo and the heart of the island’ social life. Everything is on sale: spices, fish, meat, fruits, vegetables and smuggled goods.

  • IMG_9322

    Collateral damage
    Syria, February 2016

    Millions lost their homes in war torn Syria over the past five years. Those who can't make it to Europe are forced to squat in dilapidated buildings, refugee camps and makeshift settlements.

  • IMG_7583

    Fallujah frontline
    Iraq, February 2016

    While the Iraqi army has melted away after the Mosul defeat, Baghdad’s defense is now entrusted to the shia pro-Iranian militias manning the frontlines outside the capital and around Fallujah.

  • IMG_8114

    Mosul frontline
    Kurdistan, February 2016

    Italian troops will protect the technicians who are going to repair the badly damaged Mosul dam which lies close to the the boundary of the Islamic state. Kurdish peshmergas hold positions on the frontline.

  • IMG_6374

    Mercado central
    Mexico, November 2015

    In Mexico City’s central market, one of the biggest in the world, you can find all you need: from rattle snakes to a killer on hire.

  • IMG_6651

    Killing fields
    Salvador, November 2015

    MS13 and Barrio 18 gangs, the army and the police are on a killing spree and murder rates have soared to levels not seen since the civil war of the 1980s.

  • IMG_6244

    State of murder
    Mexico, November 2015

    Impunuty is the rule in the boundless slums of Mexico City where millions live in poverty and fear, drug lords make the law and feminicides are on the rise.

  • IMG_6129

    Los topos del Bordo
    Mexico, November 2015

    Day and night "los topos", scavengers from the nearby slums, make their living digging at El Bordo, the largest of Mexico City's landfills and one of the biggest in the world.

  • IMG_7

    Burning faith
    Kurdistan, October 2015

    Slaughtered by the thousands and forced to flee their villages destroyed by the Islamic State, the Yazidis still worship their ancient gods in the Lalish holy shrine, northern Kurdistan.

  • IMG_4285

    Lost in Juarez
    Mexico, April 2015

    Migrants from Central America and the poorest Mexican states keep pouring into Ciudad Juarez hoping to cross the US border. They are trafficked by gangs and narcos who extort money and force them to smuggle drugs.

  • IMG_3146 copia

    Facing Boko Haram
    Cameroon, March 2015

    As tens of thousands of refugees flee to the Minawao camp in northern Cameroon a coalition of african armies finally strikes at Boko Haram's strongholds in Nigeria.

  • IMG_1610

    Back to Suez
    Egypt, February 2015

    To boost the ailing economy general al-Sisi thinks big with a pharaonic project on the Suez canal. But he must face the growing islamist threat both in Lybia and in the Sinai.

  • Zakho, Dalal refugee camp: Yazidi IDPs.

    Yazidi pogrom
    Kurdistan, november 2014

    Slaughtered and chased from their villages by the Caliphate’s butchers a centuries-old religious community is on the brink of extinction.

  • Zakho, Dabin City informal refugee camp: Yazidis from Sinjar.

    Fight for survival
    Kurdistan, november 2014

    Whilst the war drags on hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Iraq face a harsh winter in the camps and shelters of Kurdistan.

  • IMG_8907

    Kurdistan, November 2014

    Christians in Iraq and Syria are fleeing the Islamic Caliphate and vow they’ll never return. Is it the end of Christianity in the Middle East?

  • IMG_7727

    Sailing up north
    Svalbards, Summer 2014

    Thanks to the Gulf stream part of the Svalbards is navigable in summer. The research center in Ny-Alesund, an old mining and whaling station 600 nm from the Pole, is the northermost inhabitated place on Earth.

  • IMG_7099

    Ghost Town
    Homs, Syria, June 2014

    The worst battle of the Syrian war has left the city of Homs in ruins: mosques, churches, shops, schools, banks and houses are empty shells riddled with rockets and shrapnels, wildly ransacked and burned to the ground.

  • IMG_5371

    Sex slaves
    Cambodia, May 2014

    Child trafficking, prostitution and sex tourism are a thriving business in Cambodia: extreme poverty is pushing parents to sell their kids to the brothels. And Hiv rate is rising.

  • IMG_4947

    Tuol Sleng
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia, May 2014

    Unspeakable horror still lingers in the blood-soaked torture chambers of Khmer Rouges' infamous Tuol Sleng detention-extermination center in Phnom Penh.

  • IMG_6539

    Angkor Temples
    Cambodia, May 2014

    Released from the jungle and years of war the ancient Khmer capital is coming back to life.

  • IMG_8524

    Ethnic cleansing
    Bangui, CAR, March 2014

    A methodical ethnic and religious cleansing is under way. Muslims are hunted down by christian militias and are forced to flee. Refugees flood the camps and corpses pile up at the morgue.

  • IMG_0136

    Anti balaka militiamen
    Bangui, CAR, March 2014

    Laden with machetes and amulets, the christian militias are taking a bloody revenge on the muslim population.

  • IMG_9330

    Lost soldiers of Berengo
    CAR, March 2014

    Cut off by the war some 200 forgotten recruits survive in the decaying Bokassa palace, eating rats and training with fake weapons.

  • IMG_0332

    Oubangui fishermen
    Bangui, March 2014

    Life on the river seems to unfold peacefully despite the killings. Fishermen cast their nets but the catch is meager: not enough to sell on the market.

  • IMG_8297

    Maidan square 2
    Kiev, February 2014

    In a stunning 24 hours push the insurgents jump the barricades, storm the parliament, chase the president and draw Europe and Ukraine into a risky confrontation with Moscow.

  • IMG_8387

    Maidan square
    Kiev, February 2014

    In a stunning 24 hours push the insurgents jump the barricades, storm the parliament, chase the president and draw Europe and Ukraine into a risky confrontation with Moscow.

  • IMG_6705

    Poorest country
    Niger, January 2014

    Rich in uranium and oil yet pitifully poor, drought-stricken Niger is facing the threat of islamist terror, refugees' influx and border warfare.

  • IMG_4715

    The last sea gypsies
    Myanmar, December 2013

    Commercial fishing, illegal logging, economic and anthropic pressure are quickly destroying the identity of the Moken, the last nomads of the Andaman sea.

  • IMG_3223

    Myanmar, December 2013

    A common sight everywhere in Myanmar, monks are a crucial component of the social fabric: highly respected, and resolutely nationalistic, they play a major role in the political arena.

  • IMG_3611

    Asia new frontier
    Myanmar, December 2013

    Amid social and ethnic unrest Myanmar is undergoing sweeping political and economic changes: after decades of isolation the country is opening to the outside world.

  • IMG_2256

    Baba Amr
    Homs, September 2013

    Among the ruins and the flattened buildings of what was once a thriving district of the city some people are slowly coming back, squatting bombed houses and trying to survive.

  • IMG_2069

    Life and death
    Damascus, Sept. 2013

    Families mourn the dead, children play football in the mosque, mortars pound the city and the fighting rages in the suburbs: street by street, house by house, under the snipers' fire.

  • IMG_1871

    Damascus, Sept. 2013

    Thousands of displaced civilians flee the war zones and seek shelter in the capital. Christians are leaving their villages and gather in the churches to pray.

  • IMG_1762

    Another Carbomb
    Damascus, 24 Sept. 2013

    It went off with a huge blast at 2 pm on Tuesday in a narrow street of Tadamun. I was just 400 ft away, rushed there and counted three dead. Soldiers were picking up body parts.

  • IMG_1413

    Churches on fire
    Cairo, August 2013

    In the hours of the military crackdown in Cairo on Wednesday, August 14th, churches and coptic schools and institutions were attacked and set on fire all over Egypt.

  • IMG_0438

    Jos, Nigeria, May 2013

    Religion has become a weapon in northern Nigeria: churches and mosques are burned, villages are razed, people are slaughtered. The survivors must cope with death, destruction, physical pain and psychological trauma.

  • IMG_0614

    In a coltan mine
    Jos, Nigeria, May 2013

    The oil bounty doesn't bring wealth to the people in Jos. Illegal miners risk their lives digging for coltan in an abandoned former British tin open pit.

  • IMG_9684

    African mass
    Jos, Nigeria, May 2013

    In war-torn Jos hundreds attend the Sunday mass celebrated by the catholic archibishop, Ignatious Kaigama, at the Our Lady of Fatima cathedral.

  • IMG_7303

    Blacks only
    Cape Flats, May 2013

    Black townships can be harsh, dangerous and unforgiving. People rely on strong community links, solidarity, faith and self-defense.

  • IMG_7712

    Philippi township
    May 2013

    Job seekers from the Eastern Cape squat in the slum's outskirts. Shacks torn down by the police in the morning are put together again at dusk.

  • IMG_8231

    Cape Flats, May 2013

    Here is where you can find beers, drugs, friends, music and a pool table if you got money in the black townships.

  • IMG_7053

    Cape Flats, May 2013

    A day in the life of hip hop musician Odwa from his shack in the Philippi black township to a live performance at a local shebeen.

  • IMG_8539

    Cape Town, May 2013

  • IMG_7899

    Cape Town, May 2013

  • IMG_9369

    Cape fishermen
    Cape Town, May 2013

    Clamming on beaches and fishing offshore are valued jobs for the people of the townships. The Cape cold waters are rich in tunas, snoeks and rock lobsters.

  • IMG_6378

    Coast to coast
    Usa, April 2013

    Visual notes from Big Sur to Boston bombings and Jack's lonely grave.

  • IMG_0821

    Dandora dumpsite
    Nairobi, January 2013

    Scavengers from nearby Korogocho and Kariobangi slums make their living scouting the biggest dump in Kenya.

  • IMG_1523

    Slum Life
    Nairobi, January 2013

    Half of Nairobi’s 5 million inhabitants lives in the estimated 200 sprawling slums surrounding the capital.

  • IMG_3463

    Unmerciful land
    East Congo, February 2013

    Pro-Rwanda rebels are still positioned around Goma. Young men flee to the refugee camps to avoid forced recruitment and some attempt suicide. Health posts in the countryside have little or no drugs.

  • IMG_4172

    Esther’s wedding
    East Congo, February 2013

    She was raped and beaten by her man, banished with two children from the village. But she fought back and was able to find a new husband.

  • IMG_3647

    Gold rush
    East Congo, February 2013

    Digging for alluvional gold in the sands of the Shari river, Ituri province, is keeping alive the people of nearby Iga village.

  • IMG_4473

    The Ituri Road
    East Congo, February 2013

    Run down clinics, abandoned villages, flooded tracks and displaced people are the legacy of the bloodiest African war.

  • IMG_2100

    Struggle for life
    East Congo, February 2013

    In a war-torn and desease-stricken province on the high plateau of Eastern Congo health centers and field hospitals are overwhelmed.

  • IMG_2718

    A mobile clinic
    East Congo, February 2013

    MSF's doctors and nurses attend the patients inside a church in Katale village. Then the team heads back to the Masisi HQ under heavy rains.

  • IMG_8937

    Hell’s doors
    Haiti, November 2012

    Every Thursday Father Rick goes to the central morgue in Port au Prince and loads two trucks with dead bodies no one else is willing to bury.

  • IMG_9379

    Cité soleil
    Port au Prince
    Haiti, November 2012

    Billions have been spent after the 2010 earthquake but life in the poorest and most violent slum of the capital has barely improved.

  • IMG_8613

    Cholera outbreak
    Port au Prince
    Haiti, November 2012

    Spread by Hurricane Sandy’s torrential rains the already endemic desease has surged in the crowded filthy slums of the island.

  • IMG_8242

    After the flood
    Cap Haitien
    November 2012

    It took just a few hours for the storm to sweep away the match box houses built in the riverbed and kill twenty five people.

  • IMG_8776

    Haiti, November 2012

    The crumbling public health system cannot cope with the influx of patients. From cholera to car accidents Msf doctors face a never ending challenge.

  • IMG_9689

    No man’s land
    Fortaleza, Brazil, November 2012

    Capoeira is not for everyone: at night child prostitutes, homeless and crack smokers gather at the “boca de fumo” behind the Cathedral looking for drugs, or anything else.

  • IMG_1845

    The saint is coming
    Pantelleria, October 2012

    Every year in October the people of the tiny volcanic island of Pantelleria worship their saint. They carry St. Fortunato on their shoulders and offer flowers to the god of the sea.

  • IMG_1664

    Tunisia unrest
    September 21, 2012

    Anti-Western sentiment has been stoked further by caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published in the satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

  • IMG_6761

    Sailing to the Orkneys
    August 2012

    Sailing at 60° Lat. North between the Atlantic and the North Sea to the Orkneys: harsh weather, huge tides, heavy winds, strong currents, a few sunny days and beautiful surroundings.

  • IMG_5926

    The military hospital
    Damascus, June 2012

    Every morning there are funerals at the Tishreen Military Hospital. Caskets are wrapped in the Syrian flag and honored in the yard. Relatives come to mourn and recognize the dead. Bodies keep pouring in the morgue.

  • IMG_6109

    Christians in fear
    Syria, June 2012

    Now that the war is turning into a sectarian conflict the Syrian christian community feels threatened. Many christians have abandoned their homes and start leaving the country.

  • IMG_5631

    A city at war
    Damascus, June 2012

    It looks like Baghdad before Saddam’s fall: car bombs and gunfire in the night. But still many people carry on with their lives, go to the Friday prayer and sit smoking narghile in the coffee shops.

  • IMG_5348

    Fallujah’s toxic legacy
    Iraq, May 2012

    The Iraqi city of Fallujah continues to suffer the ghastly consequences of a US military onslaught in late 2004.

  • IMG_5152

    Baghdad Olympic Dreams
    Iraq, May 2012

    On to London: Dana Hussein Abdul Razzaq and a handful of Iraqi young athletes overcame huge obstacles to fulfill their olympic dreams.

  • IMG_1152

    The Misteries in Trapani
    Sicily, Good Friday 2012

    The centuries-old Good Friday's ritual is unfolding in Trapani: the whole city is behind the hand held holy via crucis images slowly moving from street to street.

  • IMG_4668

    Across the border
    Syria-Turkey, March 2012

    The war in Syria is spilling over the border into Southern Turkey where 20,000 refugees live in camps behind barbed wires. Wounded fighters arrive daily in the hospitals.

  • IMG_0819

    One year after
    Tunis, January 14, 2012

    Tunisians mark the first anniversary of the revolution. Ordinary people, activists, bloggers celebrate in the streets. No politicians in sight. Angry salafists call the jihad.
    iPhone shots.

  • IMG_3758

    Tharir people
    Cairo, December 6, 2011

    Egyptians still come to the square: to pray, to protest, to discuss. They vow to stay until the revolution is accomplished. But nobody really knows when and how.

  • IMG_3461

    Copts in Cairo
    December 5, 2011

    Egyptian Copts feel threatened by the Islamic parties' victory in the polls and the unexpected surge of the salafists.

  • IMG_2997

    Occupy Wall Street, NYC, October 2011

    While the movement goes global protests spread from New York to dozens US cities. Politicians in Washington, looming next year presidential elections, start to pay attention.

  • IMG_2028

    Misurata, Libya
    August 2011

    Su un lungo muro dipinto di bianco, i thowar hanno scritto centinaia di nomi: i caduti della “città degli eroi”.

  • IMG_1636

    The Fall of Tripoli, Libya, August 2011

    Bab al-Aziziya brucia. Lo sterminato compound nel centro di Tripoli dove per mesi si è nascosto Gheddafi è in fiamme.

  • Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, April 2011

    Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, April 2011

    Colonia Mexico 68, un agglomerato di baracche attraversato dalla ferrovia. José Emilio Martínez García aveva vent’anni. Sapeva che lo stavano cercando.

  • Libyan uprising, March 2011

    Libyan uprising, March 2011

    Sul tetto sventola il tricolore monarchico, la bandiera della rivolta. Il ballatoio all’ultimo piano è una foresta di cavi, antenne paraboliche e telefoni satellitari.

  • Cairo Garbage City, February 2011

    Cairo Garbage City, February 2011

    It looks grim but it's a real business: hundreds of Zabbaleen, the Coptic population of a Cairo's district, collect, comb, split up and resell almost all the garbage found in the city.

  • Tahrir square, Cairo, February 06 2011

    Cairo days, February 2011

    Ogni rivoluzione ha i suoi simboli. Quella tunisina ha avuto il corpo in fiamme di Mohammed Bouazizi, il fruttivendolo ambulante che il 17 dicembre si è dato fuoco nel villaggio di Sidi Bouzid.

  • Cairo, Days of rage, February 2011

    Days of rage, Cairo, Egypt, February 2011

    La rivolta che sta scuotendo l’Egitto e l’intero mondo arabo ha il volto tumefatto di Khaled Said, 28 anni, picchiato a morte dai sicari del rais in un internet cafe di Alessandria.

  • Atlantic fishery, Tan Tan plage, Morocco, December 2010

    Atlantic fishery, Tan Tan Plage, Morocco, December 2010

    Under the blue sky fishermen mend their nets, while seagulls scream and dive to catch their share.

  • Sudan files - Kala Azar outbreak, Malakal, December 2010

    Sudan files – Kala Azar outbreak, Malakal, December 2010

    La leishmaniosi viscerale è una malattia trasmessa da un moscerino della sabbia. Se non è curata è fatale in quasi il 100 per cento dei casi.

  • Sudan files - The Mission, Nzara, December 2010

    Sudan files – The Mission, Nzara, December 2010

    Gli orrori di una guerra insensata lampeggiano nello sguardo di Giovanna Calabria, superiora della missione comboniana di Nzara.

  • Sudan files - TB in Malakal, December 2010

    Sudan files – TB in Malakal, December 2010

    Molti hanno la tubercolosi, la polmonite, l’aids o la malaria. E tutti sono denutriti.

  • Sudan files - Gino Strada, Emergency Surgical Hospital, Khartoum, December 2010

    Sudan files – Gino Strada, Emergency Surgical Hospital, Khartoum, December 2010

    Open heart surgery on a 13 years old boy performed by Gino Strada at the Emergency Hospital.

  • Sudan files - Dump site, Juba, December 2010

    Sudan files – Dump site, Juba, December 2010

    The garbage we throw is life for them.

  • Sudan files - Along the Nile, December 2010

    Sudan files – Along the Nile, December 2010

    Il mitico fiume serpeggia luccicando sotto il cielo terso, di un celeste diafano e lattiginoso; si perde nelle immense distese verde smeraldo delle paludi del Sudd.

  • Sudan files - Aids in Nzara, December 2010

    Sudan files – Aids in Nzara, December 2010

    All’ospedale della diocesi lottano somministrano farmaci antiretrovirali a più di duemila donne: l’aids è un flagello tra le ragazze violentate dai ribelli.

  • Sudan files - Going home, Malakal, December 2010

    Sudan files – Going home, Malakal, December 2010

    Migliaia di sfollati rientrati dal Nord sono ammassati nei campi di raccolta in attesa di un mezzo per tornare ai loro villaggi di origine.

  • Sudan files – Arrow boys, December 2010

    Sudan files – Arrow Boys, December 2010

    I Boys sono sempre all’erta. Escono ogni giorno in pattuglia, a piedi, in moto o in bicicletta, a caccia del nemico invisibile.

  • Sudan files - The Cross and the Coran, December 2010

    Sudan files – The Cross and the Coran, December 2010

    Croce e Mezzaluna sono diventate i simboli di un’appartenenza nazionale e il comodo pretesto per rinfocolare le questioni irrisolte.

  • People of Sindh, Pakistan, November 2010

    People of Sindh, Pakistan, November 2010

    Shot during the floods.

  • IMG_2410

    Time to pray, Pakistan, November 2010

    The mosque is a quiet place to rest, think, forget.

  • Water is life, Sindh, Pakistan, November 2010

    Water is life, Sindh, Pakistan, November 2010

    In the flooded region water is scarce: people rely on aid to obtain some water and survive.

  • Down in the flood, Sindh, Pakistan, November 2010

    Down in the flood, Sindh, Pakistan, November 2010

    Il grande lago Manchar è straripato. I villaggi e i casolari risparmiati dall’alluvione sono isole sull’infinita distesa azzurra che gli uomini attraversano a nuoto o in piroga.

  • A walk in Beijing, China, October 2010

    A walk in Beijing, China, October 2010

    La Cina paradiso della manodopera a basso costo si avvia al tramonto. Migliaia di aziende straniere dovranno rifare i conti, adattando le proprie strategie al nuovo corso.

  • IMG_0545

    Tattoos, Beijing, October 2010

    At an annual gathering in Beijing people get crazy to be scarred by tattoo masters.

  • IMG_7783

    Kyte surf, Sicily, July 2010

    Gone with the wind.

  • IMG_7942

    Salt mines, Trapani, Sicily, July 2010

    Nice view, great landscapes. But the job is terribly hard and the workers are paid in black.

  • IMG_7723

    Sicily, 2010

    Shot during my holidays.

  • IMG_5536

    Child labour, Jaipur, India, April 2010

    Sold by their parents in Bihar they end up in small sweatshops in Jaipur: their little fingers are well apt to embroider the sarees for the rich and the free.

  • The bird market, Kabul, Afghanistan, April 2010

    The bird market, Kabul, Afghanistan, April 2010

    A stroll in the bird market is a Friday afternoon break.

  • Kabul new prison, Afghanistan. April 2010

    Kabul new prison, Afghanistan. April 2010

    Dai racconti dei prigionieri emerge una realtà agghiacciante, specchio di una società arcaica che non sembra aver fatto alcun progresso nella sfera dei diritti civili.

  • Helmand refugees in Kabul, Afghanistan, April 2010

    Helmand refugees in Kabul, Afghanistan, April 2010

    They live in a camp outside Kabul but during the season they go back to Helmand and harvest opium.

  • IMG_6637

    Buzkashi, Afghanistan, April 2010

    The Afghan national sport: horses, sheep, blood and sweat. In short: a fight with no guns.

  • IMG_5867

    Bodybuilding in Kabul, Afghanistan, April 2010

    They gather at dusk in small gyms around Kabul and exercise for hours. To be strong and fit is a must for Afghan boys.

  • Alberto Cairo, Kabul, Afghanistan, April 2010

    Alberto Cairo, Kabul, Afghanistan, April 2010

    Il dottor Schweitzer italiano arriva ogni giorno nel suo ospedale di Kabul prima dell’alba. Indossa il camice bianco, controlla la posta elettronica, legge i referti degli amputati.

  • IMG_4948

    Nomadi in concert, Novellara, Italy, February 2010

    Good music. And good vibes.

  • IMG_4730

    Osama Bodyguard
    Sanaa, Yemen, January 2010

    Il suo nome di battaglia era Abu Jandal: lo sterminatore. Dal 1996 al 2000, è stato la guardia del corpo personale di Osama bin Laden.

  • IMG_3204

    The Timkat, Massawa, Erythrea, January 2010

    The ancient ritual of Timkat draws crowds of people in the churches and streets of the city.

  • IMG_3936

    Somali refugees, Yemen, January 2010

    I rifugiati somali ammassati nei campi yemeniti a ovest di Aden rischiano di cadere nella rete dei reclutatori di al-Qaeda.

  • IMG_3581

    Sanaa, Yemen, January 2010

    Nella remota provincia di Ibb, nello Yemen centrale, l’ospedale battista di Jibla accoglie ogni anno più di 40 mila malati e presta cure gratuite agli indigenti.

  • IMG_3649

    Qat eaters, Sanaa, Yemen, January 2010

    They eat the leaves all days and nights: tons of qat are traded in the Sanaa bazaar. It's legal, so what?

  • IMG_4203

    Fishermen, Yemen, January 2010

    Boats discharging at the Aden fish market.

  • IMG_1474

    Asmara, Erythrea, January 2010

    Nell’ex “colonia primogenita” l’indelebile impronta del passato, di cui gli eritrei vanno fieri, concorre ad accrescere il senso di smarrimento.

  • IMG_2193

    Massawa, Erythrea, Jan-Feb 2010

    The old Italian-Turkish city, the people and the president turned dictator.

  • IMG_1024

    Buenos Aires, December 2009

    The city is back to life, at least for the rich, after the economy's downturn.

  • IMG_9278

    Ciudad de Guatemala, November 2009

    Ciudad de Guatemala sembra Baghdad. Diplomatici, ricchi impresarios e boss del narcotraffico vivono asserragliati nei compound della Zona 14, la “zona verde” della città.

  • IMG_0076

    Street kids, Ciudad de Guatemala, November 2009

    Si stanno svegliando. Escono dai loro bozzoli di stracci e di coperte sbrindellate, si siedono sull’orlo dei materassi di gommapiuma rosicchiati dai topi.

  • IMG_9546

    Huaqueros, Ciudad de Guatemala, November 2009

    A valle del relleno sgorgano le nauseabonde gore del Rio de Aguas Negras, riserva di caccia dei più miserabili huaqueros clandestini.

  • IMG_8685

    Emerald Mines of Panjshir, Afghanistan, October 2009

    Il campo dei minatori consiste in una mezza dozzina di tende e di rifugi di pietra coperti da teli di plastica. Nella parete a strapiombo si aprono le gallerie.

  • IMG_7802

    Return to Afghanistan, October 2009

    In Afghanistan il rispetto dei diritti umani è un concetto sconosciuto. Un rapporto del Dipartimento di Stato elenca la lunga serie dei reati impuniti.

  • IMG_7980

    Kabul Emergency OT, October 8th, 2009

    Per una decina di minuti Marco continuò a lavorare: sembrava non volesse arrendersi. Poi incrociò lo sguardo dell’aiuto chirurgo afghano.

  • IMG_7092

    Migrants, Malta, May 2009

    Il “Blocco C” del campo, riservato ai clandestini più irrequieti, è una gabbia circondata da inferriate alte più di cinque metri, reticolati e matasse di filo spinato.

  • IMG_6723

    Kolkata, India, April 2009

    A day in the life of the Bengali capital.

  • IMG_7050

    Red Light Districts, Kolkata, India, April 2009

    Sonagachi, a Calcutta, è uno dei più grandi quartieri del sesso dell’Asia: 10 mila prostitute provenienti dal Nepal, dal Bangladesh, dal Bihar e dal Bengala.

  • IMG_4508

    Karachi Madrasas, Pakistan, March 2009

    Il Pakistan è la retrovia di al-Qaeda. Dai loro santuari al confine afghano i terroristi sono in grado di colpire i centri nevralgici della sesta nazione più popolosa del mondo.

  • IMG_4232

    Gaddani Shipyard, Pakistan, March 2009

    L’arenile di Gaddani, sulla costa del Baluchistan, è lungo 10 chilometri. Ci vanno a morire navi d’ogni genere: cargo, porta container, vecchie petroliere.

  • IMG_4609

    Cockfight, Karachi, Pakistan, March 2009

    The only way to earn a living, for some.

  • IMG_3662

    e-Waste, Karachi, Pakistan, March 2009

    A Sher Shah sono decine di migliaia gli addetti al riciclaggio, in gran parte bambini e adolescenti che non si sono mai seduti in un banco di scuola.

  • IMG_4945

    Fishermen Village – Rarhi, Pakistan, March 2009

    Due to the floods, pollution and the climate change life has become a nightmare for the people of the village: the fish is rapidly vanishing.

  • IMG_6039

    Sikkim-Darjeeling, India, March 2009

    A sud del fiume Rangit la strada s’inerpica tra le piantagioni di tè fino a Darjiling, l’ormai decadente stazione di villeggiatura dei coloni britannici del Raj.

  • IMG_5108

    Sex Workers, Forbesganj, India, March 2009

    Le più giovani sono in attesa di un compratore che le porti a Calcutta o a Mumbai. La polizia lascia fare e lucra sul business. Le ragazze sono macchine da soldi.

  • IMG_5316

    Bricks – Bihar, India, March 2009

    Making bricks is a heavy job in India: miserable pay, harsh living conditions, health hazards. It's a slave job. And most of the workers are girls and boys under 16.

  • IMG_3426

    Happy Hour, Baghdad, February 2009

    Trying to live up in times of war.

  • IMG_3403

    Major General Ray Odierno, Baghdad, February 2009

    E’ un duro il generale Odierno. Un militare tutto d’un pezzo. Che però si addolcisce e ha un moto di paterno orgoglio quando parla di Tony, suo figlio.

  • IMG_2630

    Georgia at War, December 2008

    Sui tetti delle case bombardate sono in agguato i cecchini. E una muraglia di sacchi di sabbia e di blocchi di cemento sbarra il passaggio.

  • IMG_1984

    Ethiopia Hunger, Oromiya, October 2008

    Fa paura il viso di Kamar. Ha solo due anni ma ha le rughe di un vecchio, il ventre gonfio, la pelle cascante e i capelli scoloriti. Non piange, non si muove.

  • IMG_1672

    Life and Death in the Rafah Tunnels, Gaza, October 2008

    Uno degli scavatori mi fa segno di seguirlo nel budello sotterraneo: un metro per 70 centimetri e un chilometro carponi per raggiungere l'Egitto.

  • IMG_1620

    House in the Graveyard, Gaza, October 2008

    Sessanta cacciabombardieri F-16 hanno investito la Striscia di Gaza colpendo caserme della polizia, ministeri, basi militari. Ma anche quartieri civili e campi profughi.

  • IMG_2191

    Fajigole, Ethiopia, October 2008

    It is known as "the green hunger": people die but there is plenty of water in the country.

  • IMG_0809

    Gold Mine, Rosia Montana, Romania, June 2008

    Del Casinò edificato al tempo di una passata corsa all’oro non resta che la facciata dilapidata con una data, 1854, e due nomi ungheresi: Gyorgy Korny e Anna Neimer.

  • IMG_0523

    Offshore, Congo, May 2008

    Ci vuole fegato per sopportare condizioni di vita così estreme. Ci vogliono forza d’animo e spirito di adattamento per resistere su un traliccio ai confini del mondo.

  • IMG_0401

    President Sassou Ngouesso, Pointe Noire, Congo, May 2008

    The Big Man comes to a ceremony hosted by the Italian oil company Eni.

  • IMG_0764

    Iranians, April 2008

    La rivoluzione khomeinista ha rivoluzionato anche la moda religiosa. E il guru del nuovo stile clericale è un mite e sorridente artigiano di 77 anni, Abolfazl Arabpour.

  • IMG_0938

    Dubai Docks, April 2008

    Chilometri di merci accatastate lungo il Creek sono in attesa di essere stivate nei dhow, i tradizionali sambuchi arabi che si preparano a salpare per l’Iran.

  • IMG_0656

    Iranians at Polls, March 2008

    Sotto l’opprimente cappa delle censure e delle interdizioni imposte dai mullah, Teheran vibra di fermenti culturali e sociali come poche altre città mediorientali ed europee.

  • IMG_9597

    Palestine, January 2008

    La vita di Maria Amin, 6 anni, è appesa al respiratore agganciato alla sedia a rotelle con cui si sposta nel reparto di riabilitazione dell’ospedale Alyn di Gerusalemme.

  • IMG_9904

    A Day in Haiti, January 2008

    Il pick up di padre Rick affonda nel fango delle pozzanghere di Cité Soleil, sterminato formicaio di baracche di lamiera cresciute su un letto di immondizia e di fogne a cielo aperto.

  • IMG_8305

    Swat Valley, Jammu and Pindi, Pakistan, October 2007

    Il primo tentativo era fallito. Le cariche esplosive avevano frantumato la roccia senza scalfire l’imponente rilievo del Buddha.

  • IMG_7654-copia

    Delta Force, Port Harcourt, Nigeria, June 2007

    La barca punta dritta nella muraglia verde della foresta e scivola in un canale d’acqua ferma che serpeggia nel labirinto di liane e di mangrovie.

  • IMG_7251-copia

    The Cross and the Crescent, Nigeria, June 2007

    Nella guerra per la conquista dell’anima africana la Nigeria, 140 milioni di abitanti che professano le due religioni, è in prima linea.

  • IMG_4938-copia

    Afghanistan, March 2007

    Un mese fa Daniele mi aveva aspettato sul tetto di un hotel di Mogadiscio. “Sempre nelle più fetide sentine del mondo” scherzava. Questa volta all’appuntamento non sono arrivato.

  • IMG_3587

    Galizia, Spain, January 2007

    Era il 19 novembre 2002. Dopo una settimana di agonia nell’oceano in tempesta la petroliera greca “Prestige” affondava spezzandosi in due tronconi.

  • IMG_3374

    Mogadishu, Somalia, January 2007

    Coprifuoco, stato di emergenza, legge marziale. Le drastiche misure adottate dal governo di transizione insediato dai carri armati di Addis Abeba non sono di buon auspicio.

  • IMG_2164

    Qurna, Egypt, December 2006

    Quando arrivano le ruspe la casa di Abdul Hof è una carcassa spolpata. La sua famiglia è al lavoro dall’alba per svuotare i locali e recuperare i materiali utili.

  • IMG_9063

    Beirut, Lebanon, August 2006

    Lo sceicco Hassan Nasrallah riceve al quarto piano di una palazzina circondata da miliziani armati e da barricate di filo spinato in un quartiere sciita della periferia sud di Beirut.

  • IMG_9253

    South Lebanon, August 2006

    La strada che da Marjayoun sale a El-Khiam, verso le montagne della Siria, è sventrata dai crateri delle bombe. E il villaggio è un cumulo di rovine.

  • IMG_8647

    Miners, Lubumbashi, DRC, June 2006

    Dall’alba al tramonto quattromila disperati scavano a mani nude nel fango color ocra della miniera di Ruashi, nella remota provincia congolese del Katanga.

  • IMG_8856

    Steet Children, Kinshasa, DRC, June 2006

    La notte è delle streghe. Un’orda di trentamila “enfants sorciers” si aggira famelica nell’informe reticolo degli slum e dei fetidi rioni della Cité.

  • IMG_5977

    Niger Delta, Nigeria, March 2006

    Di notte la città piomba nel buio. Le uniche luci nell’immensa distesa del delta del Niger sono i bagliori rossastri delle fiaccole del gas nelle paludi di mangrovie.

  • IMG_5046

    Junkies in Tehran, Iran, December 2005

    Sono più di diecimila i poliziotti e i soldati che presidiano i confini con il Pakistan e l’Afghanistan. E sono più di 3.500 i caduti nella guerra contro i trafficanti.

  • IMG_3848-copia

    Kurdistan, October 2005

    Il check point sbarra la strada pochi chilometri a nord di Kirkuk ed è chiaro che non si tratta di uno dei tanti posti di blocco della polizia irachena.

  • IMG_2783-copia

    Diamonds, Kimberley, South Africa, September 2005

    E’ come il cratere spalancato da un gigantesco meteorite, con le pareti rocciose che strapiombano nel lago della falda acquifera, di un verde intenso.

  • KHARRAR,-9-ANNI-copia

    Iraq, 2003-2005

    Le sirene dell’allarme aereo hanno ululato alle 5,34 di giovedì 20 marzo, ora di Baghdad. I traccianti della contraerea sono partiti a raffica dalle postazioni irachene.

  • IMG_1472-copia

    Dr. Chiara Castellani, Kimbau, DRC, July 2005

    L’unica strada del Congo è lo specchio del paese che attraversa: distrutta dall’incuria e dalle piogge, divorata dalla foresta, devastata dalle guerre.

  • IMG_2170-copia

    Nyagwete, Kenya, June 2005

    Motom Delfino, 160 di cilindrata, velocità di punta cento all’ora. Non era il massimo neppure nel 1959, ma era abbastanza comoda per i lunghi viaggi.

  • IMG_0277-copia

    North Korea, May 2005

    The ancient Ilyushin of the state owned airline Air Koryo, which flies twice weekly from Beijing to the North Korean capital, is a time machine.

  • IMG_0079-copia

    Pope John Paul II Death, Jerusalem, April 2005

    First reactions at the news in the Holy City.

  • IMG_9946-copia

    Gaza, April 2005

    Puntuale, ogni mattina l’infermiere specializzato Naser Afifi accompagna i figli a scuola e si presenta al lavoro: ha in gestione il pronto soccorso dell’aeroporto di Gaza.

  • IMG_1543-copia

    Arafat’s Burial, Palestine, November 2004

    Il 30 ottobre il vertice dell’Olp si è riunito, per la prima volta in quarant’anni, intorno alla sedia vuota del leader che incarna la storia, l’identità e le aspirazioni del popolo palestinese.

  • IMG_0777-copia

    Burundi, Uganda, Congo Zaire – 2004

    It's mostly cholera, garbage, depleted hospitals and guns.

  • 677-7716_IMG-copia

    Darfur, Ciad, March 2004

    Il minareto si erge come una solitaria sentinella su un paesaggio di morte e distruzione. Gli elicotteri e gli Antonov hanno risparmiato solo la moschea del villaggio di Musbet.

  • Ponte-sospeso

    Nepal’s Maoists, 2002

    Il nemico invisibile colpisce di notte. Poi svanisce nell’impenetrabile territorio montuoso che da Livang sale fino alle vette dell’Himalaya.

  • 567-6800_IMG

    Afghanistan, 2001-2004

    La colonna avanza in fila indiana rasentando i muri di fango del villaggio fantasma di Rabat. Sono le 10 del mattino di lunedì 12 novembre.

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