Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, April 11, 2011

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, April 11, 2011. His name is Mario but he’s known as El Principe. He was a drug addict – cocaine, heroin, ice, whatever. He reinvented himself a rap musician, with two friends of the barrio. No more hard drugs, just music and Jesus and beers. They even went to sing at a festival in the capital city. Until El Tomates was killed. He was standing smoking a joint at the corner of the street. The car came out slowly and the men fired from the window and he was dead. And three others were dead. So now El Principe works solo on the laptop, in a small studio, recording songs like “La muerte nunca avisa”, written by his friend El Tomates, who was also a graffiti artist. He liked to paint red and blue and green dreams on the grey concrete walls of the barrio.

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