On The Ground

Back from Libya
September 5, 2011

There was no light in the house where I stayed in Tripoli during the fight, so I couldn’t run my blog. The generator was an old gear providing just enough power to charge our batteries (laptops, cameras, sat phones, BGan) and the fuel on the black market was hard to find, so we had to minimize the use of it. Now back home I briefly sum up. I crossed the…

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, April 5, 2011

Lomas de Poleo is where they dump corpses: young pretty girls from the countryside who work at the local maquiladoras, foreign owned assembly factories where they get 5 dollars a day;

Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, April 1, 2011

I fly into the murder city in the late afternoon, windy and dry: glimpses of the desert and the fence along the Rio Bravo, a huge white painted sign on the hill saying “Read the Bible”…